Register your player today on our subs / payment system "LoveAdmin"

Please note: If you are new or an existing parent or carer of a Wessex player you must register on this new Subs system. This is a completely new system, so it is essential that everyone reads the process below before starting the registration.

This is the system where we store all the necessary registration details to the club including emergency contacts, any medical and contact information. It also allows us as a non-profit organisation to collect those all-important subs that allow us to run the club. 

Finally, it adds the player to our insurance database covering your child to train and play for us.

                                                           Below are some simple steps to aid with the registration process.

1.       Select the membership you’d like to purchase. This will be the team and age group your player attends, if you have two players               with us select both and “add to basket”.

2.       Open your basket.

3.       Select “create account” from the window that appears.

4.       Complete your information. This is the parent's or direct carers information, and the one paying the subs at the end of the                         registration

            (not the player's information at this stage).  Make sure to check the box indicating that you've read and agreed to 

             the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, then click "register".

5.       This will then send a verification to your email address. Please then check your email and “click verify”.

6.       Close the verified registration tab that appears within your browser and return to your original checkout page.

7.       Select “proceed to checkout”. At this stage you will then see your name and “add new person”. 

           This is where you add your player and all their information.

            All information marked mandatory must be filled in to proceed. This needs to be repeated if you have multiple players.

8.       Select “continue” and follow the subsequent steps to the payment section. Payment will be taken out in two instalments 

           or one depending on what you select.

9.       We will also notify you when a payment is due

This is a new system for all of us, but it greatly improves our information system  and the

safety of the players playing so please let us know if you have any questions.

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